All the activities and breathtaking scenery you could want from an adventure holiday.
James Metcalfe - July 2013
Stunning views, beautiful sunrises & sunsets, crystal clear night sky, amazing accommodation, great activities (kayaking , rock climbing, horse riding, milking a goat(!), making cheese and bread). Not forgetting Lola the dog who escorted my daughter and I on long rambles around the countryside.
Nick Levitsky - Apr 2018
We would recommend a vehicle to allow you to explore the area and make the most of all the available activities.
James Metcalfe - July 2013
Enjoy the wonderful environment and very friendly atmosphere.
Sara Dudley - July 2013
The setting of the hotel is just idyllic, really in the middle of nature.
Simone Fiaccavento - July 2012
With waterfalls flowing into the deep gorge from a spring above, the views here were spectacular and a good contrast to the panoramic vistas you experience from the hotel.
James Metcalfe - July 2013
We loved the rafting trip. My 7 year old was buzzing from the excitement of jumping off rocks into the river and rafting down the small white water sections. The farm visit was excellent too
Tanya Hayes - October 2017
Accept that you will need to drive for sight-seeing/activities, often on unmade roads.
Stuart Wright - July 2013
The hotel owners were very hospitable and keen to share their knowledge of the area.
Stuart Wright - July 2013
The pool in Castril (is) fabulous.
Jane Barrett - July 2013
The room was very comfortable with great views and due to the building´s design naturally stayed at a cool temperature…
James Metcalfe – July 2013
Really relaxing, slowing down and spending time together as a family. We also enjoyed the farm visit, kayaking, rafting and Castril, loved the bronze age site too!”
Andrea Combes - August 2017
The comfortable rooms were cool and welcoming.
Tracey Davies - July 2013
Canoeing on La Bolera reservoir; the people there were a massive help, the lake an amazing blue colour and the meal overlooking afterwards was really nice and very affordable.
Craig Buttery" - August 2017
It is about half an hours drive (to) the Natural Park where you can do some spectacular mountain walks amongst the cliffs and crags with vultures and eagles overhead.
Tripadvisor - March 2014
The hotel is a long way off the road, but just keep on going down the track!
Adrian Shaw September 2016
With waterfalls flowing into the deep gorge (of the Guadalentin river) from a spring above, the views here were spectacular and a good contrast to the panoramic vistas you experience from the hotel and on the many possible hikes.
James Metcalfe - July 2013
Take your sense of adventure with you!
Sandy Levine - Sept 2013
The community atmosphere at the hotel was superb creating a great environment for friendships among adults and children alike.”
Fiona Miller - August 2017
Peaceful hotel, good food, beautiful countryside, interesting and varied activities which work for children and adults.
Anna McConnell – November 2015
The hotel is very beautiful and quite rural; very peaceful and good for local adventure type activities but don´t go expecting lively nightlife and shopping!
Heather Iqbal-Rayner - July 2015
Staying at El Geco is like visiting some cool friends who have gone to live in the coolest place – as far removed from a package holiday as possible.
Clare Duncan - August 2015
Our hosts were intimately familiar with the language, locality, food, history and culture.
David Graham - May 2014
This part of Spain is rural and they don’t see a lot of English people, most people don’t speak English, but they are friendly and will try and help you where they can
Jimmy Osbourne - October 2016
The hotel itself (was) clean and comfortable with many unusual touches.
Stuart Wright - July 2013
Best horse riding ever and the canyoning was great.
Sara Dudley - July 2013
The local village of Castril (is) only a short drive away, with a beautiful waterside walk and a stunning local swimming pool.
Tracey Davies - July 2013
The Altiplano region is relatively free of tourists and we enjoyed being amongst the Spanish on holiday.
Claire Harris - August 2015
The astronomy evening was very special.
Simon Squibb - August 2013
Highlights are the source of the river where water gushes out of the rocks, steps cut into the side of a gorge rising to around 1,500m for spectacular views of the countryside.
Tripadvisor review - November 2014
So much more than we expected. A perfect balance of relaxation, exploration and excitement
Jonathan Stevens - September 2017
You need to hire a car and brush up on your Spanish as this is a largely undiscovered part of Spain to international tourism.
Brent Kilmurray - August 2015
All the activities are booked with local companies and no commission is taken by the hotel.
Simon Squibb - August 2013
There is so much to do in this area.
Simon Squibb - August 2013
All activities were arranged for us so there was no stress.
Philippa McGuinness - April 2014
Everything we did was through small family businesses.
Kelly Lewis - Spetember 2016
I wanted my son to experience the outdoors, away from computer games and TV, and I was not disappointed!
Tracey Davies - July 2013
All activities were arranged for us so there was no stress.
Philippa McGuinness - April 2014
It’s an eco-hotel, which manages fine without air con and is off-grid. You use local services daily, which must benefit the local area.
Lisa Williams - August 2017
A real Spanish experience of local food & culture – Fantastic!
Bree Brennan - July 2017
A fantastic retreat – exceptional hospitality in an incredibly beautiful place.
Bridget Lovell - April 2013
The location of this hotel is absolutely idyllic.
Simon Squibb - August 2013
The Andalucian cooking, with our ebullient and ever so Spanish chief who provided most of the ingredients from their garden, was great fun and the results very,very tasty
Clare Duncan - August 2015
The stargazing just fabulous, never seen so many stars!
Simone Fiaccavento - July 2012
As the hotel is small we made friends with all the other guests and frequently did activities with them which made them all the more fun. The rafting was the most exciting activity we did and is not to be missed!
Louise Banham - July 2017
Lots of family bonding time and both the children( age 14 and 11) said that they would be happy to do a similar holiday again.
Trupti Tandon – August 2016
The region is stunningly beautiful and the hiking is top-notch.
Maria Falgoust - February 2013
I felt relaxed as soon as we arrived. The scenery, the setting, the other guests, the ambience – all were fantastic.”
Alexandra Haxton - August 2017
It was simply superb. The venue, the area, the other guest, and especially the hosts made this a holiday to remember
Sara Anderson - September 2017
Amazing seeing Saturn and its moons as well as distant galaxies! We also loved all the wild swimming opportunities.
Trupti Tandon – August 2016
We brought additional tourism to the area which seemed somewhat of a novelty in this part of Spain, refreshingly.
Lesley Bender - August 2016
Look forward to peace – it’s a wonderful region of Andalusia!
Julie Cox - August 2017
The property relies on passive design rather than A/C to manage the temperature.
Anna Rose - July 2016
Lots of the activities were run by locals and the hotel itself could not be much more environmentally friendly!
Tanya Hayes - October 2017
Massive benefit to local tourist activity operators all run by local people.
David Graham - May 2014