Activity Choices

El Geco Verde has been collaborating with regional activity companies since 2010 to bring you a wide range of outdoor pursuits and cultural activities. We make all the arrangements on your behalf, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy!

To help you choose the right mix for your group or family, here you will find basic information, advice and practical tips about all the activities we offer. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions prior to choosing!

With room for up to seven participants in each raft, this is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to pull together! Our rafting is a fairly relaxed Level Two run. This puts the emphasis firmly on having fun, with a couple of exhilerating descents and some spectacular scenery thrown in for good measure. The guides know some great places to stop and swim, jump into deep pools or drift in strange currents. Water fights are encouraged!
A firm favourite with families, rafting is restricted to the summer months as the river is supplied from a dam which only opens during the olive irrigation season! In a normal year this means the activity is available between mid-June and mid-September.  Short neoprene suits and helmets are provided so we will need heights and weights in advance to get the right fit.
Kids from as young as four can take part
Top tip; watershoes or a pair of olt trainers are advised; not flipflops, which may float away, never to be seen again!
Duration; approximately 3 hours from meeting to goodbyes


Two-person kayaks; front and rear passengers have a paddle each. Participants are not enclosed in the kayak, so it is easy to get in and out, and life jackets are provided. Really good buoyancy makes the kayaks difficult to turn over. Our nearby lakes are usually very flat and calm with gorgeous turquoise waters backed by pine forests and mountains.

Top tip; Wear your swimming costume under your clothes for a quick change. Long sleeves, a hat, shades, and suncream are a must (do not forget to do the feet!).  A towel and a change of clothes will also come in handy. Bring a bottle of water. There is a waterproof compartment to keep your stuff dry 

Horse Riding


Horse riding
Enjoy a hack through wonderful scenery around the quaint little cave village of Hinojares, 30 mins by car from El Geco Verde. No experience is necessary. The horses are calm and well trained and helmets are provided. It is advisable to wear long trousers and shoes with a closed toe.
Suitability: Minimum age 8. 
Top tip; Our App will help you find your way to the stables.



Canyoning is frequently mentioned as a holiday highlight, especially for families with teenagers. We are lucky to have one of Andalucia´s best canyons only 15 mins away from El Geco Verde by car. Canyoning is a thrilling journey downstream through the bottom of a gorge, wading through fast-flowing waters, jumping into crystal clear pools and making rope descents through the many scenic cascades and waterfalls.

Canyoning and River WalkingThe scenery inside the gorge is surreal and spectacular. Expert guides ensure safety, provide equipment and look after all the technical aspects.

Passing through the gorge can take up to five hours. Hiking, climbing and jumping from heights are all part of the fun.
It is not necessary to have previous experience but please be aware that canyoning is physically demanding. If your level of fitness is below average or you are particularly susceptible to the cold, you may prefer an alternative activity. Depending on rainfall the canyoning season may extend from March to October. The most likely time is May/June – by mid August our local canyon is often dry.  In this case we sometimes use a different canyon, which is further away. Because canyoning is not always possible and its cost is highly variable, we treat it as an add-on activity (i.e. not one of the standard Activity Package options).
Helmets and neoprene suits (provided) offer protection and bouyancy. Please supply us with  the heights and weights in metrics of all participants in advance to ensure the right fit.
Canyoning is not recommended for children under 12, anyone who is particularly sensitive to the cold, suffers from vertigo, cannot swim or has a low level of fitness. 
Top tip; Wear sturdy trainers or boots with toe protection and grip. Wear your swimming costume under your clothes for a quick change.  A towel and a change of clothes will also come in handy afterwards.
Duration; 3-5 hours.
Min age; 12, but stamina required!


Guided Star Gazing
A guided night sky tour is one of the really special bespoke activities we offer here in the grounds of El Geco Verde. The almost total lack of light pollution means the night sky is incredibly dark. Our expert English-speaking astronomer Javier (of astro-tourism company Azimuth) comes to us fresh from his duties as a guide at one of Europ´s most important observatories, Calar Alto in Almeria.
He will demonstrate how to use the powerful telepscopes he employs for a guided tour of the night sky that you won´t forget in a hurry! Star Gazing

During Azimuth´s 90 minute presentation you will take a fascinating tour of the night sky while Javi answers all your questions about life, the universe and everything!

The south eastern corner of Spain is renowned for its clear skies and El Geco Verde´s rural location means you can see the constellations as never before. Azimuth designs its presentations around the lunar calendar and weather patterns. Although every effort is made to predict conditions in advance, we can never guarantee the activity will take place and it is usually necessary to confirm on the day itself. There is also a minimum number of participants. We usually do not have any problems making up the numbers in July and August, at other times of the year it may be less viable. If you fancy a session exclusively for your group or family, do not hesitate to ask; it is a real luxury to have such a well-respected astronomer reveal the secrets of the night sky.
Suitability: There are no age restrictions for star gazing, but because it is a night-time activity and a certain amount of patience may be required (when taking turns to use the telescope, for example) we do not recommended this activity for very young or restless children. 
Top tip; Wrap up warm in winter and keep legs and arms covered in summer to beat the mozzies!
Duration; 3-5 hours.


Pizza Family FunPizza making 
Learn how to make authentic Italian Pizza and Focaccia with our resident Italian chef (Ilaria). This activity is available in the morning, so you can eat your creations for lunch!
Suitability: Suitable for kids of any age, provided very little ones are accompanied by their parents.
Top tip: Speak to Ilaria the day before about the toppings you prefer.
Duration; A two-hour process with a little break in the middle.


Rock climbing
Experienced local guides ensure your safety and fun on an actual rockface near the lake of Bolera. Five different climbs of different levels ensure you will find one right for your level!
Top tip: Wear long trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and boots or trainers with good grip and a closed toe.
Duration: 90 minutes.



4×4 Segway Adventure
A segway is a bit like a skateboard on steroids which you manoeuvre using subtle shifts in balance. Their intuitive design means beginners get the hang of segway riding in no time. Our local guides managed to get their hands on  off-road versions of this revolutionary mode of transport, meaning you can get further into the Natural Park than ever before on this 90-min adventure.
Top tip: Take a bottle of water in a small backpack.


Andalucian Cooking
Get to grips with our wonderful local gastronomy in this workshop, during which you will learn the culinary secrets behind three classic Andalucian dishes, including a dessert. What else remains than to sit down for a leisurely lunch when the cooking is done?
Top tip: Do let Ilaria know in advance if you have any allergies or other special dietary requirements.

Spa visit 
This lovely little nearby spa boasts a heated indoor pool with various water jets, sauna, hot and cold plunge pools, and heated stone recliners, jacuzzi, programmable massage shower. You get the whole place just for you and your family for the duration of your one-hour booking. You must bring a swimming cap, towel and clean flip flops.
Top tip: Hire a beach towel from El Geco Verde: For €5 per towel for the duration of your stay it´s a cheap way to save space in your suitcase!

Flamenco Dance Class
Passion and attitude are the key elements of Flamenco and your teacher Eva has both in spades. She only has a few words of English but will soon have you strutting your Andalucian stuff in this hour-long class.
Top tip: Feel free to wear a wonderfully frilly Flamenco dress if you can lay hands on one; it helps to embellish the more dramatic movements. Ole!


Paddle boarding
Paddle boards are surprisingly stable, so most people manage to stay afloat without too much effort. Life jackets are provided in case you fall in, either by accident or on purpose! This is a great way to appreciate the amazing scenery around the stunning lake of Bolera or (slightly further afield) the mighty Negratin.
Top tip: Wear plenty of sunscreen, there´s no shade out in the middle of the lake.


Farm Skills 
Learn to Bake bread in a traditional wood-fired oven, milk a goat and prepare fresh cheese at Jose Mari´s organic homestead. Enjoy tasting the fruits of your labour (along with whatever seasonal delicacies Jose Mari may have on offer) as your charismatic host shares his passion for self-sufficiency, traditional skills and the medicinal uses of plants.
Top tip: Wear sensible shoes, you are going to a working farm!


Living Archaeology 
This is a great way to get an english guided tour of the amazing Bronze Age Village of Castellon Alto, with a (chocolate!) arrow-head making workshop thrown in for good measure – a great way of bringing history to life for the younger ones!
Top tip: Bring a hat and a bottle of water each as there is not much shade up in the Bronze Age village.