Adventure Pursuits

El Geco Verde is situated between two fabulous natural parks which provide the perfect terrain for a wide range of outdoor pursuits.

There is no set itinerary; you choose the activities to suit your interests, level of experience and budget.

We communicate with the local activity companies to make sure you get exactly what you want, drawing up a unique activity timetable for all our guests.

Our most popular outdoor activities are rafting, kayaking, horse riding and canyoning, but there are many others to choose from including fishing and rock climbing. Let us know what you´d like to try and we will do the rest.

Rafting takes place in the summer months only. With room for up to  seven participants in  each raft it´s the perfect activity for the whole family. Don´t worry, it´s not  a “white water” run, the emphasis is on having fun, but there are one or two quite exhilerating descents and some spectacular scenery. The guides know some great places to stop and swim, jump into deep pools or drift in the currents. Water fights are encouraged!  Allow three hours for the activity. Neoprene suits and helmets are provided. 

Two-person kayaks; front and rear passengers have a paddle each. Young children must be accompanied by an adult. Participants are not enclosed in the kayak, so it is easy to get in and out, and life jackets are provided. The nearby lakes are usually very flat and calm with gorgeous turquoise waters backed by pine forests and mountains.

Top tip; Wear your swimming costume, take a hat, shades, suncream and a towel.

Horse Riding


Horse riding
Enjoy a hack through wonderful scenery around the quaint little cave village of Hinojares, 30 mins by car from El Geco Verde. No experience is necessary. The horses are calm and well trained and helmets are provided. It is useful to know the weights, ages and experience of participants in advance to ensure a really satisfying ride.

Top tip; Ask us for a map showing the best way to get to the stables.

Frequently mentioned as a holiday highlight. We are lucky enough to have one of Andalusia´s best canyoning sites only 15 mins away by car. Canyoning is a thrilling journey downstream through the bottom of a gorge, wading through fast-flowing waters, jumping into crystal clear pools and making rope descents throught the many cascades and waterfalls.

Canyoning and River WalkingThe scenery inside the gorge is surreal and spectacular. Expert guides ensure safety, provide equipment and look after all the technical aspects.

No previous experience necessary. Canyoning is thrilling but can be tiring; passing through the gorge can take between three and five hours. Neoprene suits (provided) give bouyancy and insulation making it possible go canyoning from March to October. Some climbing and jumping is necessary. You will need pre-arranged insurance for any children under 12. Minimum age is 6. This activity is not recommended if you are very sensitive to the cold, suffer vertigo have a low level of fitness.

Top tip; Wear sturdy trainers or boots with toe protection and grip.
Duration; 3-5 hours.
Min age; 6, but stamina required!