Castril de La Peña is a charming whitewashed mountain town of steep cobblestone streets and traditional houses seemingly suspended from a vast rock.
On top of the rock (La Peña) are the recently restored remains of Roman and Moorish fortifications. A pathway to the top was completed in 2014 and the views are amazing. Crowning the rock is a statue of Christ, gifted to the town by Franco in 1951 (he used to go hunting in the area).

Castril is famous for its historic glass making industry, its impressive river and the wonderful Natural Park of the Sierra de Castril, which borders the town. The pure trout-filled waters of the Rio Castril begin their journey high up in the natural park and are briefly harnessed by the town’s spectacular dam, La Presa de El Portillo, before being released to meander around the town. The river is at the heart of the town´s idyllic recreation area, which features a fabulous outdoor swimming pool. From here the river passes between two mighty outcrops of rock, providing a dramatic backdrop for the village´s famous suspended river walk, La Pasarela.

The stunning views, tranquil walks and exceptional fishing to be enjoyed along the river’s course are central to the appeal of the town and its natural park.

Castril has two information points for visitors. The Oficina Informacion Touristica is situated behind the church. The Centro de Visitantes, on the main road near the petrol station, provides information about the natural park, including the many walking routes. Opening times are available from reception at El Geco Verde.

Castril is exactly 13km from El Geco Verde, via a panoramic mountain road with sensational views.