Unscheduled Activities


Bearded vulture

El Geco Verde is 900m above sea level in the foothills of the Sierra de Castril mountains which rise to 2,000m. With  no roads or other disturbances, just sitting on the terrace or on a short stroll from the hotel you will see some of the amazing birds of this area; in particular, squadrons of Griffon vultures sweeping past on the thermal air rising to the top of the valley, where the hotel is situated. Our proximity to the Sierra de Castril offers a rare opportunity to spot Lammergeiers (Quebrantahuesos), huge bone eating vultures which have been recently reintroduced. 

You can read more on birds of the Altiplano on our sister website here: https://www.elgecoverde.com/ING/115/To-do 



Sunbathing and relaxing
Although there is lots to do in the vicinity, you don´t have to be on the go all the time, so if you´d rather read a book than go kayaking or horse riding, go right ahead! We have a lovely shady outdoor terrace, sun loungers, hammocks and a swimming pool area where you can kick back and recharge your batteries.
And don´t forget there are lakeside beaches, hot springs, idyllic outdoor swimming baths and natural pools in the area. We can also book sessions for you at a nearby spa, so if you´d like to be pampered while the rest of your family is busy canyoning, just let us know!


La PasarelaLa Pasarela, Castril
Castril is an enchanting mountain village with a beautiful river running around it. A scenic boardwalk, La Pasarela, makes it possible to follow the river´s course through a narrow gorge formed by massive slabs of limestone. Cross the river on a swing bridge and enter a cave where a lovely waterfall awaits you. Stop for a beer and tapas at a restored mill before winding your way back up to town through the olive groves.

Duration: The walk itself takes around an hour.



The Cradle of Europe; Galera and Orce The cradle of European civilisation
This full day trip from El Geco Verde takes in the amazing Bronze Age village of Castellon Alton (background picture of this page) two gorgeous cave towns and some really mind-bending scenery.
An unusual natural swimming pool (full of trout) provides a relaxing break from the cultural trail, then its on to Orce to find out why they call this area “the cradle of European civilisation.”
Ask Ilaria or Des for written information and round trip directions.
NB: Castellon Alto is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Duration: Full day. Allow for a one hour car journey each way through stunning scenery. Aim to arrive at Castellon Alto by 11am. Orce´s Prehistory Museum is open 5pm to 9pm (summer) or 4pm to 6pm (winter) and is closed Mondays, except bank holidays.

Cost; Entrance fees to sites and museums are around €3pp. The natural pool (Fuencaliente de Orce) is free.

Top tip; Go on a Saturday if you want to see inside Orce´s Moorish castle (it´s only open to the public on Saturdays).