The Altiplano

The Altiplano de Granada is our geographical base. It is a place of vivid contrasts and captivating scenery, encompasing forests, deserts, lakes, mountains, farmland, olive groves, pretty agricultural villages and spectacular cave towns.

Altiplano means “high plane” and at around 1,000 metres above sea level it offers a stunning counterpoint to the mountain ranges which encircle it. Indeed the area we now refer to as the Altiplano was once a massive lake, and many important archaeological ´finds´ have been made here; so much so that the area is often referred to as “the cradle of European civilisation”, with proof of human habitation here ranking among the oldest on the continent.

These days the Altiplano is fast gaining recognition as one of Spain´s most fascinating ´hidden´ destinations and a perfect platform for eco-tourism and low-impact activity holidays.

Dubbed the “Spanish Lake District” by visiting Brits, the Altiplano offers a taste of authentic rural Spanish culture, the Great Outdoors at its finest, plus a Mediterranean climate with lashings of fresh mountain air and sunshine.