The House

El Geco Verde is a converted Andalucian farmhouse which has been lovingly restored and extended.

Green GecoLocal legend has it that Silvario, the orginal owner, discovered a pot of Moorish gold while digging in the fields nearby, and it was this lucky find which enabled this man of relatively modest means to build such a large cortijo (Andalucian farmhouse) on the site.

Sadly, only part of the original building could be saved, as it was in a ruinous condition when it was purchased in 2004; it is in this renovated section that the host family now live. Around this core the communal areas and guest rooms which form the hotel section of El Geco Verde were developed.

A traditional look and feel has been maintained through the use of natural materials such as hand-made roof tiles, stone and wood. In particular, terracota floors and wooden doors from the original building (and others like it in the area) have been reconditioned for use in the hotel.

Wooden DoorsThe new parts of the building benefit from excellent passive design and insulation in order to stay cool in summer, yet warm up quickly and retain warmth in winter. Ecological principles inform the intallations for electricity, central heating and hot water (for more information on this see: hotel/ecological)

We have designed both indoor and outdoor spaces to feel natural, spacious and harmonious, taking our inspiration from the countryside around us. Outdoor spaces include a grand exterior terrace or patio, shaded by a mighty Spanish oak tree. This is the perfect place to appreciate the hotel´s magnificent rural setting. Here you can relax with a drink, observe the local wildlife (we can lend you some binoculars) or simply soak up some glorious Spanish sunshine.

An unusual double aspect fireplace separates the capacious dining room from the cosy lounge on the ground floor. A powerful pellet burning stove at the other end of the dining room maintains a cheerful glow throughout the winter months. The living room boasts a library, TV and a selection of books and videos about the Altiplano region, as well as novels, films, magazines, table games and DVDs which guests can borrow.

This downstairs area is available to guests throughout the day as a social salon; a place to access the internet and to plan activities or routes.

El Geco Verde is not just another hotel, but, we hope, somewhere special and rather unique in many ways.

We trust you will enjoy your stay here and we look forward to answering any questions you may have about the hotel whether before you book or during your holiday. Just fire away!