To the slopes!

Our winter guests have been asking if it’s possible to combine a visit to El Geco Verde with a trip to the Pradollano Ski Resort in Granada. The short answer is yes, and we know because we just did it!
A week ago we loaded up our little Panda, shoehorned in the kids and packed out all the available spaces with warm clothing. A little over two hours later (and barely half an hour out of Granada) Pradollano heaved into view. Heavy snow was falling in the resort on our arrival and we were really glad of an underground parking space with our accommodation as cars lining the streets were all buried under a thick blanket of snow.

But fresh snow means better ski-ing, so our timing was actually pretty good. And when the sun shines from a cobolt blue sky in Pradollano it’s a great place to be.

Ilaria learned to ski in the Italian Alps when she was a kid but I was too busy playing football, and with my increasingly dodgy knees I thought it better to give the slopes a miss. Having mastered the basics of ski-ing a year ago, Ludo (10) and Fede (8) decided to try snowboarding this time around. Though it takes a bit longer to get to grips with the technique, snowboarding is great fun, looks very cool and the boots are more comfortable than ski shoes. That’s what they tell me anyway; I was merely the camera man! Snowboard tutor Roberto of Extrenieve was very upbeat, patient and kind; “muy simpatico” as they say here in Spain! He made the sweeping curves of a snowboard descent look like a snowbound ballet. The kids never made it look quite so graceful, but by day three they could both descend one of the longer green slopes with only minimal supervision. It’s going to be hard to get them back on skis after this!

Our little apartment made a cosy retreat and we usually spent the late afternoon in the building’s own heated pool and jacuzi, looking out over the snowy rooftops. Nice.

The best way to combine a trip to El Geco Verde with a ski or snowboard break in Pradollano is to fly into either Malaga or, better, Granada. That way you can break your journey either on the way here or the way back and keep driving to a minimum. Though it is possible to visit Pradollano as a day trip from El Geco Verde, It’s a bit of stretch.

Ski season in Pradollano stretches between November and April.

Extrenieve offers two hour classes with equipment hire included for 39 per person. Call 653272654 or 657167340. We got an even better deal with Extrenieve via Groupon; €25pp for a two hour lesson in a group classes, equipment included. Look out for similar (time limited) offers on Using we organised an accommodation swap, so we aren’t exactly sure what the flat may cost. But if you are interested in hiring the same place we had, we’ll happily make some enquiries to the owner on your behalf.